Wood Exterior Decor Ideas in Mauritius

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Having some wood decoration in Mauritius at home makes it more fascinating and cozier for yourself. It can be easily done and doesn’t require any maintenance. By doing so, you will save money and also uplift the look of your house.

Woodpile Wall Accent with Natural Wicker

You may use wicker furniture and iron lantern style lights for this one as the woodpile is usually placed near the front door or along a taller wall on the porch.

Outdoor wall art

You can choose wood to do your outdoor wall art as it will be absolutely breathtaking. It is unique and you can customize it to give a special meaning if you want to as this particular piece can enlightened your exterior decorations. It’s something they did using wood salvaged from previous interior renovations. It complements this outdoor dining space is a really cozy way.


You can put spray paint on it to give it another look of wall décor you can It’s quite simple actually, fisrt start with a blank canvas, colored spray paint in several different colors, some string, painter’s tape, a chevron stencil and lace washi tape. With these things you can make four different wall wood decorations Mauritius.

Wood bricks

It happens that many times you will need to do renovations, which can include painted brick but you can put more style by putting wood bricks. Removing paint from brick is a laborious process, but here is an alternative solution. You can do it yourself but you will need materials from your local gift shop, perhaps a floating wall or even a trellis, you can quickly cut the wood in brick forms then cover a prankster’s unsightly doodling into a work of art.

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