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Many homeownerships have a swimming pool in their backyards. Pool provides the perfect place to relax during the spring and summer, where families can enjoy the sun and cool, refreshing water.

Your pool deck is your direct area around your pool also known as pool patio. This is the location where you arrange lounge chairs, tables and other pool furniture and also it is an ideal place for families to have fun. The deck brings about the look and style of your entire swimming area.

Wooden pool decks can come in all styles, shapes and sizes, designed especially to suit your tastes and your home and garden.


Technically, pool owners should choose hard wood for their timber wood decking due to the fact that it is it is a much more durable option. One of the most popular hardwood is the Ipe wood.  Ipe is an attractive wood with a Class A rating that ranks highly and making it very resistant to surface checking. Apart from its durability, it is also rot and insect resistant.  Above all, Ipe wood is also water-resistant, making it ideal for pool decking. Ipe, Batu and Cumaru are the three options to be considered among many other options,  as they are all sustainably sourced  and low maintenance making them very easy to care for once installed.


Another advantage of wooden pool decking is the increase in your property value. Due to the high quality wood decking, you can count on a marginally higher resale value if ever you decide to sell your house.


One important step to think over when installing a wooden pool deck is to ensure proper board spacing.  Although some woods are kiln-dried to offer maximum stability, there is still some expanding and contracting as the weather and moisture levels change.


As we have seen, hardwood decking Ipe, Batu and Cumaru are highly durable and low- maintenance, they do require a stain to maintain their natural colour.

Wood stains also protect the wood from UV rays from the sun, which can age and damage the wood over time.  Batu wood does not have the same natural-resistance as Ipe and Cumaru, so it requires a deck stain to be used as pool decking.

A timber deck around a pool can be a statement to make a backyard  really memorable.

It is beautiful and is an excellent investment, however, you need a professional to install your pool deck correctly, otherwise, you will end up spending more money in the long run.

Look for a professional like MLO Smart Construction in  Mauritius. MLO can construct, remodel or repair your decking well and will make the area stylish, inviting and non-slip. Our expert team is ready to help.

With MLO Smart Construction, your pool decking can be beautiful, safe and affordable.

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