MLO Smart Construction Company Mauritius: Tips for building a swimming pool

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Who among us does not dream of  getting a swimming pool installed in our backyard?

As we all know swimming is a valuable exercise among all others. Swimming is a full-body workout. 

A pool is ideal to spend quality time together with your family. Without any cell phones in the pool to disturb the quality time, everybody can make time for each other by playing a host of pool games.

At the same time, thinking of constructing a swimming pool can come with numerous stresses, and it can seem to be a complex  process for you. This because you have no idea of what to expect and you do  not know about the construction process.

Below are some tips to help you:


You should think of what you really want for your swimming pool :

Size, swimming pool  style, swimming pool (traditional versus natural swimming pool) and the swimming pool features you need( water slides, tanning features etc…).

Your main objective should be to build a swimming pool that suits your lifestyle, your budget, and your expectations. 

Swimming Pool Ideas Mauritius


Instruct yourself on all that matters swimming pool. This will help you to know better about swimming pool and you will get more ideas on how you will want yours.


Getting a building permit for your pool is an important step. You have to get a permit to make sure that your pool is safe, and if you do not comply, you could be looking at some major fines. After you get your permit, you can finally start building the pool of your dream.


Look for professionals. Look at their experiences and capabilities. Ask as many questions as possible while interviewing contractors and insist on having an answer to your questions. This will help you to understand what every contractor has to offer


To avoid an accidental drowning and other injuries to occur, do not neglect safety. Make sure your contractor gives priority to pool safety and includes the issue of safety right from the design stage .


While building your swimming pool, you should include all features that you fancy as this will cost you much cheaper than to add the features later on.


You should build a green swimming pool for the best return on investment.

Technological advancements today make swimming pool appliances including PPS, heaters,and lights far more energy efficient to run.  Energy efficient appliances reduce the running cost you incur from having a swimming pool which bodes well for the ROI


While a swimming pool should be aesthetically pleasing,  you should also give privilege to the technical capability. This will ensure your swimming pool has the right filter type, the right pipe size, the right flow rate, an efficient hydraulic design, and an efficient and effective chemical management system before focusing on aesthetics.

Contact MLO Smart Construction Company Mauritius for the construction of your dream swimming pool.  With MLO Smart Company  will ensure you get a safe swimming pool.

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