MLO Smart Construction Mauritius: 5 Tips For Your Home Renovation

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People renovate their home to settle issues such as cracks in the wall, leaky roofs or electric problems….so that they can feel more comfortable. It is a good idea to renovate your home after a long period of time, Renovation is also a great way to increase the value of your house


A home renovation can be costly and time-consuming work, which is why it is important to plan carefully before you begin.

You have to decide which style you would like, check online ideas and costs and sit down with your family and make a list.  Once you have a good idea of what everyone wants, start planning the layout and design of your new space.  You will have to apply for a permit if needed.


The cost will depend on how extensive you are renovating your home and which style you are choosing. Get quotes and, talk to professionals in order to make sure you are getting the best price for your budget. Include the cost of permit, building construction materials into your budget.

You can also consider a renovation loan from the bank with a low interest.

Calculate what your budget is and what you can afford to spend in reality.


When choosing a contractor, for your home renovation, apart from reliability, do consider other factors as well:

  • A contractor with many years of experience
  • Ensure that your contractor has his contracting license to operate
  • Request and call for references to know about his work

It is important to discuss payment terms before renovation begins.


Do not try to do too much at once as this will only increase the cost of your renovation and make you feel stressed-out. You can add on later if you need more space. You can finish your basement, convert an attic into a bedroom, or build an addition for example.


You will require a clear schedule of works.

You will have to make sure to get a home renovation contract from the contractor. It will be a binding contract between you, the home owner, and the contractor. This will help you ensure everything remains on schedule and within budget.

All the processes that can be done for a home renovation:

Painting, whitewashing for the purpose of renovation, the repair of ageing installations or worn-out doors and windows, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, parquet floor, water insulation system.


  • Brickwork
  • Render and paint exterior
  • Clean, repair and replace roof tiles where needed


  • Remove all carpets and replace with supplied wood flooring throughout
  • Remove wall between kitchen / dining room
  • Fit new kitchen and appliances
  • Fit new bathroom flooring, tiles and suite.
  • Remove existing front door and fit the new composite dor.

With MLO Smart Construction Mauritius you will be able to create the home of your dreams.

MLO Smart Construction Mauritius: Understanding the various types of timber flooring

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When building or renovating your home, you will have to think about which timber to choose for your flooring. This will depend on factors like budget, preference, mobility comfort, children. Many of the advantages of timber flooring are that there is often a product to suit your situation.  As there are a various types, styles, colours and finishes.. 

Let us have a look at some of the various types of timber flooring:


They are generally found in older homes. Solid timber boards are found in a wide variety of colours and are usually about 99mm thick. They can be installed on bearers, joists or over concrete. Among the  wide range of timber to choose from, you have the possibility to select either soft or hard woods coming from solid floor boards.– For full versatility in colour, grain , hardness and durability

This is the most durable type and can easily  be re-sanded to remove scratches and dents. 

You do not need to replace the flooring to  upgrade its look you can just select a new colour of finishing.


Overlay flooring is similar to solid  timber floors and is normally only about 12mm thick.  Meaning it has to  be installed over a solid base such as concrete as it is too thin to be used directly over bearers and joists.  Timber overlay  flooring  is mostly cheaper and can be easier to lay, but still offers the same wide collection of colours and grains.


Floating timber floorboards is a timber over plywood  or plantation pine, It is important to note that these floorboards are only around 3-4 mm thick.

They can be laid over most structurally solid floors which make them a great option for cost-effective  renovations  to nearly any type of existing floor. Prefinished are quite easy to install, floating floors are a common choice for DIY


Often made up of plywood with a layer of genuine wood veneer on top. The thickness of the veneer layers varies from around 1 to 6 millimiters. The engineered  wood panel may float on a foam underlay or fixate on a flooring using glue.  The majority of engineered wood is pre-finished.


Laminated floorings  consist of a multi-layer composite of organic and synthetic materials that make it durable and affordable.

PARQUETRY parquetry floorings are created from small, solid wood pieces which are used as flooring. This enables the creation of a myriad of designs. Both real hardwood and engineered wood may be used to create decorative parquet flooring. It incorporates tiny wood strips used to make geometric flooring designs like a basket weave, herringbone and others that delicately highlight the decor’s beauty.

Parquet flooring is a great choice, it gives the home a well-balanced brightness and an appealing and cozy appearance.

For all your timber flooring work, contact MLO Smart Construction  Mauritius. Our expert team will be able to advise the best solution for your specific needs.