MLO Smart Construction: Guide For New Construction Trends 2023

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The construction industry is continually developing, with new technologies and methods constantly emerging.  If you want to stay at the top in 2023, it is important to know about the new construction trends that are expected to see in the coming year.

Below are some of the most important construction trends you need to be aware of for 2023.


One of the largest trends in construction at present is under modular construction. It is a process where building is prefabricated off-site in a factory setting, which are then shipped to the construction site and assembled on-site.

The advantages of modular construction are that it has shorter time for construction, improved safety, and increased efficiency. Modular construction is also more sustainable than traditional methods, as it results in less waste and fewer emissions.


Sustainability is becoming a major important factor in construction. This means that eco-friendly construction methods and materials are rising, as builders are trying hard to create buildings that have a minimal negative impact on the environment.

There are many ways to make construction more sustainable, from using recycled materials to implementing energy-efficient designs in 2023, more emphasis will be aided on sustainable construction  practices.

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Drones are transforming construction industry. Drones can be used to inspect buildings, survey the land, and deliver materials to hard-to reach areas.

Drones more efficient than traditional methods, and they also allow for a greater degree and accuracy.


Living materials or biological building materials such as bacteria-infested concrete and self-healing asphalt, are presently being developed for use in construction. These materials are more durable and sustainable than traditional materials. More applications for these living materials will be there in the next few years as they become more refined and perfected.


Robots are progressively being used in construction.  With a wide range of different types of construction, robots are currently under development.  These robots can be used for tasks such as framing, masonry, and roofing. The advantages of robots are that they increased accuracy, reduced construction time and improved safety.


As the economy continues to rebound, many people will be engaging in home remodelling projects in 2023 such as: kitchen remodelling in particular, along with bathroom and basement finishing projects which will be popular in the coming year.


People are concerned about creating healthy and sustainable homes and workplaces as they are aware of the importance of good indoor air quality, natural light and acoustics in 2023.

More buildings with features such as green roofs, natural ventilation will be seen, day lightening, and increased use of sustainable materials.  With the rising healthcare costs, people are being aware of the importance of creating healthy spaces that can help prevent illness and promote well-being.

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MLO Smart Construction Mauritius: Building a New House or Renovating Which is Right for You?

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You already own a home and you are realizing that your existing space are just not working now, your family has grown. What should you do? Should you do a renovation of your current home to suit your changing needs, or start fresh and build new?


Building a new house will be the more costly option.  You will be responsible for all sitework, the installation of the utilities, and the construction of the structure itself from the foundation to the exterior finishes. Building new, usually includes a more complex workload, more man hours, and more materials.

Nevertheless, there are some instances where renovations can become more expensive:


With remodeling an existing space, you will be responsible for the cost of changing the structure to meet your requirements. During renovation, some of the features of the existing building can be left as it is, this will depend on how extensive the renovations are. These portions help keep the cost of renovating lower than many new builds.

However, this will not always be the case. Generally, if the building is old, it will cost more to renovate. There are always surprises to be expected, your construction team will not be sure about the conditions. Once renovations begin, this could perhaps add cost and time to your project.


A new construction project will often take more time due to the large amount of work that needs to be executed. With new construction, you are responsible for carving out a site and the foundation for the building.  You will need to lay all the utility equipment. You will need to build the whole structure from the ground up and complete it finishes.


When compared to new construction, renovations can usually be scheduled in just a few months.  As you are not starting from scratch, and many of the building elements are already in place and can be integrated into the renovated building, there will be less work to do for your construction team.

Despite that, there are some instances where this will not be the case.  With older and historical houses in particular, project duration can take a longer time than the time it would have taken to build a new. Especially if there are harmful building materials which need to be mitigated.

To decide between renovating an existing building or starting with a new construction is not an easy decision to take, but it is an important one. Once you have made a decision, you will be able to nearly manage every other decision you make throughout the building project and will impact both budget and schedule.

MLO Smart Construction Company Mauritius can help you make this decision. We had love to talk about your project and help you determine the path that is right to you.