MLO Smart Construction Mauritius; Why Installed A Thatched Roof?

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Thatched roofs are very attractive and offer a unique aesthetic to the home. Thatched roofs are not as popular as they once were, however, it still exists and is still used on many buildings today, from commercial through to residentials.

Thatched roofs  are also widely used for bungalows, hotels,  kiosks, or gazebo.

Imagine having a thatched kiosk or a gazebo for your outdoor space: with table, bench seats with multicoloured cushions, well decorated.

This looks aesthetically pleasing and creating a focal point in the garden or near your swimming pool. It also creates a shaded place in your garden that can be used for entertaining, leisure activities, relaxation, and taking the lush beauty of your immediate outdoors.

Materials Used For Thatching

Dry fibers such as straws, reeds, palm trees and other natural fibres  are used to create a thatching roof covering. These are grouped and interwoven with a certain pressure to form a surface, which through successive overlaps becomes impermeable and almost impenetrable to rodents and pests.

Water reed is a good quality straw thatch that can last for more than 50 years when applied by an experienced thatcher.



A thatched roof is a very unique feature of a home. Thatched roof throws in  an undeniable beauty to any landscape design, transforming it  into a sustainable haven of shade and shelter.


Thatched roofs are very durable and can last for many years. Although your roof ridge will require to be replaced periodically, the materials  are very long-lasting.


Thatch  is naturally very insulating which helps to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


The materials needed for thatching are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Harvesting the thatch is also an economically friendly tool.

Light Weight

Thatching materials are light and will not require the heavy supports that other roof types need.


Having a thatched roof can raise the selling price of a house and turns out to be a good investment.

How To Maintain Thatched Roof

  • It is a good idea to clean your thatched roof once a year: removing leaves, fir needles, moss and algae. You can do it by hand or you can use  different types of rakes
  • The drier a roof is the longer it will last. So check any trees or bushes growing near the house.
  • Precaution has to be taken when walking on the thatch or using ladders in order to avoid unnecessary damage  to your thatched roof.

Things To Consider When Hiring Contractors

  • Is the contractor experienced in installing the type of thatched roof you want
  • Will the contractor follow all the relevant building regulation guidelines?
  • How much is the work to complete?

If you are planning to have a thatched roof for your home in Mauritius, bungalow, kiosk or gazebo feel free to contact  MLO Smart Construction Company Ltd Mauritius, a thatched roof specialist. With over 25 years experience MLO Smart Construction provides excellence professional services.

MLO Smart Construction; How To Choose The Best Timber Flooring For Your Home

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We all want a stylish and durable flooring for our home, and while there are many materials to choose from, timber flooring is something that excels. Also known as wood or hardwood flooring, it is a product originated from nature itself.

In addition to  its classy aspect and variety of cuts, colours, styles, and species, it has some anti-allergic features as well.

You might want to consider some tips on how to choose the best timber ;


Homes should always look nice and be functional at the same time.

Before installing your flooring, you should think about your decor and furnishings of your rooms and other details as well. For example, for a casual or contemporary room, you can opt for  timber floors with light colours, and choose dark colour for rooms with traditional  settings. Wooden flooring made from red oak and maple eye can match well with any overall item and interior design.


The durability aspect for any flooring material depends upon the brand and warranty of flooring, and type of traffic of your home.  When choosing a flooring material, search the wooden flooring made from tallow wood, non-marking wood or bamboo.  These materials will turn out  to be wonderful and suitable for your living area.  When used in high traffic areas of your home, these materials are scratch-resistant.



Solid timber is the original form of timber flooring and is installed to build more of a classic look. These old fashioned timber planks are generally quite durable as they are  thicker,  which means that they can be sanded and polished on multiple occasions.


Compared to solid timber, which  consists of one thick piece of timber, engineered timber flooring is made up of  two or more different layers of wood. These different layers are compressed together with the top layer usually coming pre-finished.

  • Hardwood timber flooring is a specifically durable and versatile option.
  • Timber flooring is also easy to clean when compared with other flooring options. You just have to sweep and mop from time to time to clean it. You can easily wipe any spilling drinks with a sponge or a tissue.
  • Timber flooring can even look better with age while carpet for example will deteriorate over time.
  • Timber is also more environmentally-friendly option as many specialists spend time on cautiously procuring sustainable timber.
  • Timber flooring is a healthier option. It has unbelievable anti-allergic properties because it is so easy to clean.

We have to know how to maintain our timber flooring properly in order to make it last for an exceptionally long time. Maintenance of  wooden flooring in Mauritius requires sweeping or vacuuming at least once a week. You can also use appropriate cleaning products,  especially used to clean timber floors. 

After choosing your timber flooring, you will need a contractor who is licensed, experienced and skilled in the industry. We recommend you MLO Smart Construction Ltd Mauritius.