Benefits of installing a Pergola in our outdoor space

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Installing a pergola is one of the ways to upgrade your outdoor space.  An outdoor pergola can allow a brightened source of shade, serve as a breathable cover, and considerably increase the appeal of your home. Pergolas have become a popular trend in home improvement.  You can assemble a pergola in any landscape from spacious yards to small gardens.

Match your pergola with a fire pit to create an outdoor social gathering spot : just picture yourself on a clear fall evening gathering around a fire pit with friends and families and enjoying the warmth as it penetrates through the fresh air. You can also build a safe out door room  with a steel non combustible material.

Below are some of the benefits of installing a pergolas to your garden, backyard or pool area :


Adding a durable high-grade pergola to your outdoor space can greatly increase both the appeal and the value of your home. Home buyers seeking a space where they can imagine themselves relaxing and enjoying the beauty of a nature in a stylish finished setting.


You can have the choice from modern, contemporary or classic or else, you have the option for  a free-standing modular  which will include precisely the touch you are looking for  with the purpose of  creating the outdoor space of your dreams.


You can create an outdoor extension to your home with a pergola. This will improve the flow and functionality of your living space.


Some pergolas are also available with roofs leveraging insulated sandwich panels with the aim of providing full sun and rain protection, while others offer an elegant cabana-like design for maximum privacy.

After the benefits of having a pergola in our outdoor space, let us look at the materials used for pergolas :


People are most accustomed with the traditional wood pergola.  Wood pergola requires regular maintenance to  preserve their beauty.


There is also the option of choosing an aluminium pergola with fixed louvers, despite the fact that  it can be seen as an upgrade from a wood structure.


This type of pergola offers an elegant, stylish and is also durable.  It necessitates little to no maintenance and provides insulation to improve  your outdoor living.


A free-standing modular pergola, a cubic module with sliding louvered panels that you can use separately or combine to create a flexible outdoor space.  Fully adapted from roof to floor.

Most pergolas may be designed according to the buyer’s needs customizing structure, size and colours.

MLO Smart Construction Mauritius, provides a full range of  high-quality pergolas and outdoor covers that fit in any outdoor space. MLO Smart Construction developed every year new creativity in  designs and unique options to add more enjoyment, comfort  and security to your backyard.

Smart Construction Mauritius: Exterior Home Trends of 2022

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Welcome the exterior home trends 2022!

The way the exterior of your home looks is no doubt more important than the way it appears inside. Your home exterior style and appearance have a lot to do with its value.


Siding is an easy way to bring direct impact to a home’s exterior look. Stone siding is one of the favourite materials to use.  It comes in all shapes and colours. In 2022, they will be leaning more firmly on light-coloured stone accents.  It can be a balance to the dark exterior colour of the house. Light stone siding looks stylish and modern.


Create an inviting entryway and a warm welcome to you and your guests with a peaceful walkway as a path guide to your front door. Pavers can be from gravel to brick, bluestone to concrete. You will love walkways for their informal organic and aesthetic.

Multi Purpose Retaining Walls

Improve your outdoor spaces with retaining walls. They are designed to hold back the ground or frame of a garden or walkway. Segmental retaining wall units are beautiful and versatile for plants, seats, retaining wall and steps. Planters retaining walls look lovely to grow your own vegetables and fruits.

Free Standing Lanterns In Front Yard

Freestanding lanterns are making a comeback and are the center of attraction. They provide every space with glowing surroundings.

Increased Interest In Commercial Property Exterior Designs

While this is not exactly one of the peak home exterior trends 2022 will reveal, commercial exterior design is something people are requesting.  Eventually, homes are not the only properties that can use a curb appeal boost!   People are converting their homes or part of their homes into offices, spas, office building, language centers and more.

Serious Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the highest exterior design trends in 2022, is to elevate outdoor space by creating extensive outdoor living spaces that can accommodate a variety of activities.

Seating is still important, including rocking chairs, swings, and outdoor sofas, but other outdoor furniture setups will see a rise too.  Such as outdoor kitchens, sinks, grills, and dining spaces.

Covered spaces like pergola and sheltered lounges, will also be well-liked this year.  Basically, more robust outdoor spaces that can accommodate lengthy time outdoors will be vital to exterior house trends 2022.

Matrials Made To Last

Finally, giving priority to durable building materials over affordable, short-term products that will require repair or replacement relatively quickly. The construction market continues to demonstrate that homeowners are looking for quality features in exterior home designs and are choosing materials that are built to last and perform with no chance of failure. Products that are both durable and low-maintenance are key winners for homeowners upgrading their exteriors in 2022. We recommend MLO smart construction in Mauritius for your house renovation or construction project.

Start your project with beautiful, low maintenance sliding from MLO Smart Construction Mauritius.The team will provide you with on-trend design recommendations that are the best solutions for your home or commercial property exterior.