Decorations ideas for more light in the house

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A house full of light is a house that is lively so the more light there is in your house, the more comfortable and relaxed you will be. So we created a list of ideas for you to have more light in your house.

Put mirrors near light sources

Using mirrors to expand visual space and brighten a dark room is known since the old age and today it is still being used to bring light to the house. To exploit their potential to the fullest, you should make sure to use the mirrors in a strategic way so you should place them near a light source. For example, a giant wall or floor mirror near a window can really amplify natural lighting. Placing table lamps or a floor lamp next to a mirror can also have a similar effect.

Pick lighter color or transparent furniture

You should always consider how your furniture decisions impact the lighting level of your home. The fact that the choice of our sofas, chairs and tables based on our personal style and what we think goes best together. To have a large, gray or navy sofa is probably not the best idea! A stylish, compact sofa in a lighter color like white, beige, or ivory will make your room look and feel a lot bigger and more spacious.

Embrace white walls

If you want your house to be bright, white is really is the best solution to brighten a dark room. White sends light bouncing around your space, reflecting back onto other surfaces and making the space look much bigger than it is. Consider adding white trims on the ceilings for added texture, or paint one side with a refreshing color for some diversity.

Aim your lights at the walls or ceiling

Instead of simply aiming your lights every which way, try illuminating the walls or ceiling. This is opposed to a bright light focused on a narrow area on the floor or a soft ambient light that offers minimal luminosity.

You can do this with a wall sconce or a floor lamp. When you wash the walls/ceiling with light, you infuse every corner of the room with a warm glow, making it feel cosy yet spacious. If you plan to install pot lights into your ceiling, always add a few at the very edges so that you can elegantly cast light down the walls.

Home decoration trends

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The home decoration industry has known a great advancement since there past years with many innovations. We should be realistic, rom popular paint shades to furniture choices, everything designed for our homes is influenced by a wider trend. Our homes are constantly in need of evolvement with a mix of all things we love. For 2021, interior designers are recommending all things in order to create about creating a comforting and nurturing home by mixing modern with vintage, layering texture and maximizing natural light.

Vintage style

The key to this approach is to provide plenty of contrast with antique, repurposed, salvaged and retro pieces. All of them will result in a vintage scheme. The goal is to reference the look rather than reproduce it, using strong colors, favorite pieces and a less-is-more approach for a vibrant, cohesive look.

A vintage-style scheme can be built up gradually needing a lot of layering pieces over time that mean something to you. Few lux elements such as rich fabrics and statement lighting can be added to create a modern note.

Bubble-Shaped Sofas

When picking out for a new sofa for your home, choosing trendy ones should be avoided, bubble-shaped styles and sticking with couches that have clean, classic lines should be chosen instead.

Of course, if you have a bubble-shaped, curvy, or futuristic-looking sofa that you’re attached to no need to throw it out. If you are tired of it, mix your bubble-shaped sofa with boxier furnishings to help balance out those killer curves.

Trendy Bathroom Tiles

With a shape that’s a little more timeless like a subway tile, and if you want to go bold, choose an edgier finish like a shimmery zellige. If you have your heart set on a trendy tile, you can make it can be worked out by painting the walls and ceiling in soft, neutral shades to subdue the look of your space on the whole.