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Timber Doors In Mauritius

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Timber is probably the oldest material used for doors, and there are many good reasons why timber is still used today. Timber doors are the classic choice for your homes as well as for your offices Below are all the important factors you should consider before opting for timber doors in Mauritius:


Timber doors offer security, strength and protection against bad weather. There are different ironmongery options available for handles and other features when choosing timber doors.


There are many benefits to having timber doors, the first being the aesthetics aspect of it.  You can have a simple finish, paint it or embellish it with glass design panels that suite your personal style and taste. It will give your house a stunning and luxurious look. In general, timber doors naturally fit in with the overall architecture of the house.


Timber is a natural insulator, with popular heat and sound insulation properties. In summer, it can help you keep your home nice and cool, while saving energy costs.


It is environmental-friendly and with a good maintenance, can last for a very long period.


As well as being durable, timber doors are excellent for the environment because wood is sustainable. It stores carbon and releases oxygen, all while inversing the carbon trace.


Timber does not trap air, so it keeps the air clean in your house.


The lighter the colour is, the weaker is the timber. There is a variation of colours from one tree to the other. For example, freshly cut walnut, teak and deodar give dark brown, golden yellow and whitish colour shades respectively.


Battened and ledged doors are the simplest form of doors that are being used for ages. They consist of vertical battens and horizontal legers.


Framed and panel doors are widely used in houses where various designs can be made on either plain or glass panels 


Flush doors are doors, having plywood or Medium Density Fiber fixed over a timber frame which is comparatively light.


Glass doors are made of fiber glass can be provided with wooden panels on the surface.

Bi-FOLDING DOORS, SLIDING DOORS OR FRENCH DOORS (with panes or panel of glass).

These doors can be used to help create an ongoing transit between the inside and outside of your house:

Sliding doors for example, can be used as room partitions or office separators or patio. It takes least amount of space when open.

Bi-folding or folding doors can be used to split a larger room or as a gateway to your garden.

French doors are perfect for small openings, and it is not costly compared to the others.

For all your timber doors design, either for your house or office, you may contact MLO Construction which will offer you high standard services to meet all your interior and exterior design requirements.


Decorations DIY ideas in 2021

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Original and 100% recycled do-it-yourself storage

The famous wooden case is the star of the decor recovers for all lovers of DIY decor storage ideas.  get it in order to divert it into a superb toy chest for the child’s room, a large food storage box for your picnic, a rest legs for the living room, an original bedside table for the sleeping corner or even a laundry basket for the bathroom. In two steps and three movements, this small, inexpensive storage unit can be transformed into anything you want.

Makeup storage jar in the bathroom

When it comes to bathroom storage, it’s even worse, finding the ideal makeup storage idea is often quite complicated. Making up your makeup storage while giving a second life to forgotten flowerpots. Fixed with a wire near the mirror in the bathroom, these make a great DIY makeup storage idea. So, it’s up to you to test it!

Storage jars to do yourself

Always in the spirit of recycling and nice DIY, we embark on this next tuto storage which consists in transforming some neglected glass jars into pretty accessories for the bathroom. Purely decorative and super practical, the kitchen storage jar lends itself to a thousand and one uses. With just a wooden board and three glass jars accompanied by the same number of metal rings, making a DIY makeup storage has never been easier. So, avoid the trash bin and give the glass containers a second chance!

Soap dispenser for hair dryer and straightener

Indispensable for flawless hair, the hair dryer and straighteners are often very difficult to store, especially in the bathroom. PVC tubes, for example, are perfect for storing generally bulky items. If, however, you do not want your things lying around on the sink, take advantage of your soap dispenser to install your dryer and straightener. For cables, think of a small wall storage basket.

Living room trends in 2021

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Going to 2021 means leaving behind all the 2020 old trends and welcoming a new set of living room trends. They all offer all the inspiration needed to give living rooms an upgrade. It can be putting white everywhere to bring more light in the room or simply redefining the entire space with on-trend green paint shades and investing in this season’s sofas.

Whatever you choose, choose the furniture that you want because it’s all about self-expression and making the most of the space you have for decorations in Mauritius in 2021.

All comfortable everything

The living room is the central part of the house as it is where you eat or watch television so it must be very lively. Though you don’t replace larger pieces, tablecloths on pieces like consoles or side tables can allow you to participate in this trend without a big commitment

Multipurpose furniture

The choice of the furniture in the living room is significant as it serves the home by being an office and even a learning environment for kids. So furniture that has multipurpose duty is key. They are a growing trend, because as we continue into quarantine, we are all rethinking how we use our living spaces. We need spaces that are flexible and can accommodate work when needed.

Living rooms are going to need to be workhorse rooms as part of a modern home.

Curved pieces

Curves are already a thing but will continue to be so. Then it is high time to pull the trigger on that funky curved sofa you’ve been swooning over for months. Soft curves play really nicely with some of the natural materials.

This trend works for items beyond couches, too. In fact, pairing a squared-off sofa with a curvy marble coffee table that has a dramatic waterfall edge, for instance, can make a major statement. It’s all about creating contrast and balancing out your silhouette and material choices.

Garden trends in 2021

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More and more people are interesting themselves in garden trends as this a real feature for the outside decorations of your house. Whether you want to grow your own vegetables or enjoy the many health and wellness benefits of the great outdoors.


It can eventually be a place where your friends and families can be gathered for special events like host weekend barbecues and spend evenings round the fire pit. It has to be a space for fun, relaxation and enjoyment.


  1. Grow your own garden


Having your own garden is a real investment as it remains at the forefront of the modern garden. Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle movements with the number of Brits choosing a plant-based diet rising by more than 360 percent over the past decade. Coupled with rising food prices, shortages and a growing appreciation of organic produce, it’s no surprise the ‘grow your own movement’ will continue to surge in 2021.


It is very easy to grow vegetables, salads and herbs suitable for growing in small spaces such as wall planters and patio containers will rise for outside decorations in Mauritius.


  1. The garden as the fifth room


Blurring the lines between inside and out is a huge growing trend for 2021. Whether that’s creating a kitchen garden, a wellness space or acting as an extension to a playroom all to create a look that can extend the lives of outdoor spaces.


Gardens are fast becoming a space where spending more and more of our time with family and friends has become a luxury. Often more than not it needs to flex to meet several purposes – an oasis for quiet contemplation, a play area for children and an entertaining space for social get together. Whether it’s a set of French windows, the door to your balcony, or simply an outdoor patio, your home probably has an ideal place to style as a fifth room.

Decorations ideas for more light in the house

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A house full of light is a house that is lively so the more light there is in your house, the more comfortable and relaxed you will be. So we created a list of ideas for you to have more light in your house.

Put mirrors near light sources

Using mirrors to expand visual space and brighten a dark room is known since the old age and today it is still being used to bring light to the house. To exploit their potential to the fullest, you should make sure to use the mirrors in a strategic way so you should place them near a light source. For example, a giant wall or floor mirror near a window can really amplify natural lighting. Placing table lamps or a floor lamp next to a mirror can also have a similar effect.

Pick lighter color or transparent furniture

You should always consider how your furniture decisions impact the lighting level of your home. The fact that the choice of our sofas, chairs and tables based on our personal style and what we think goes best together. To have a large, gray or navy sofa is probably not the best idea! A stylish, compact sofa in a lighter color like white, beige, or ivory will make your room look and feel a lot bigger and more spacious.

Embrace white walls

If you want your house to be bright, white is really is the best solution to brighten a dark room. White sends light bouncing around your space, reflecting back onto other surfaces and making the space look much bigger than it is. Consider adding white trims on the ceilings for added texture, or paint one side with a refreshing color for some diversity.

Aim your lights at the walls or ceiling

Instead of simply aiming your lights every which way, try illuminating the walls or ceiling. This is opposed to a bright light focused on a narrow area on the floor or a soft ambient light that offers minimal luminosity.

You can do this with a wall sconce or a floor lamp. When you wash the walls/ceiling with light, you infuse every corner of the room with a warm glow, making it feel cosy yet spacious. If you plan to install pot lights into your ceiling, always add a few at the very edges so that you can elegantly cast light down the walls.

Home decoration trends

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The home decoration industry has known a great advancement since there past years with many innovations. We should be realistic, rom popular paint shades to furniture choices, everything designed for our homes is influenced by a wider trend. Our homes are constantly in need of evolvement with a mix of all things we love. For 2021, interior designers are recommending all things in order to create about creating a comforting and nurturing home by mixing modern with vintage, layering texture and maximizing natural light.

Vintage style

The key to this approach is to provide plenty of contrast with antique, repurposed, salvaged and retro pieces. All of them will result in a vintage scheme. The goal is to reference the look rather than reproduce it, using strong colors, favorite pieces and a less-is-more approach for a vibrant, cohesive look.

A vintage-style scheme can be built up gradually needing a lot of layering pieces over time that mean something to you. Few lux elements such as rich fabrics and statement lighting can be added to create a modern note.

Bubble-Shaped Sofas

When picking out for a new sofa for your home, choosing trendy ones should be avoided, bubble-shaped styles and sticking with couches that have clean, classic lines should be chosen instead.

Of course, if you have a bubble-shaped, curvy, or futuristic-looking sofa that you’re attached to no need to throw it out. If you are tired of it, mix your bubble-shaped sofa with boxier furnishings to help balance out those killer curves.

Trendy Bathroom Tiles

With a shape that’s a little more timeless like a subway tile, and if you want to go bold, choose an edgier finish like a shimmery zellige. If you have your heart set on a trendy tile, you can make it can be worked out by painting the walls and ceiling in soft, neutral shades to subdue the look of your space on the whole.



Cozy home decoration trends

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To make your house a cozy place is a good thing because you will be able to have a relaxed atmosphere constantly whether you are waking up or going to sleep. It should be a place where it feels and look like one. There are specific areas where the cozy feeling will apply more, like the living room and the bedrooms. So if you are planning to have a new home or doing a complete renovation of an old one, the major part of that project will be the interior decorations. The kind of furniture you would want to have and the general cozy home decor ideas will be of great value.

Soft and Comfortable Furniture

To have a cozy home decoration, the home furniture should begin and finish with one main goal: comfort! First of all the decorations should reflect your personality and tastes as well, this is the one of the factors to be considered while choosing a cozy home decor. Your signature should be a clear stamp of your preferences in the home you live. The largest piece of furniture is the sofa by which the list should be started with and you may be spending the maximum time on it.

The Lighting in Your Cozy Home

Giving the lighting in your cozy home a special consideration is a great feature in the decoration. Lighting and cozy home are inseparable because they both work together. Reading lights will be needed as well as hidden lighting. In the living room brighter lights are to be considered in case you have guests or having a dinner with friends.

Home Furnishings

You will have to pick each one of them and match them because furnishing is the larger décor framework. The curtains, tapestry, carpets, and so on should match to the overall decor in terms of the color, the texture employed and designs too. You have readymade curtains of standard sizes or you will have to order them to the size your home needs. If the window sizes are not standard or if you are not getting what you want in the readymade range.

Wood decoration Ideas 2021 in Mauritius

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Your home is your personal place in which you should feel good and comfortable, where peace is felt as soon as you enter the doorstep leaving behind the annoying bustle of the world. Thus interior design in Mauritius is an important feature for you, from how you choose the style to color scheme for a particular room. They perform different functions in the life of every person and it all depends on decoration in Mauritius.

In 2021, the use of natural materials for instance wood with a lot of style and elegance to your home is highly being done by many people. For the decoration main bedrooms or a living room of an apartment, in 2021, wood is being chosen and taken it on another level. A good advantage of wood is that it can be both in the general decoration of the room as well as in small details.

The general direction is can be led by following small details, which subsequently determine the general direction. The trend of 2021 in the decoration industry and particularly in furniture, there is no doubt that various pieces of wood furniture do create a feeling of wellness and liberty. Natural materials with stylish shapes tend to give a great look in the room where they belong in the decoration in Mauritius.

A modern bedroom consists of bright colors to bring light and freshness. Bear in mind also to not get carried away with a lot of accessories. For a cozy seating area, better with large windows and good lighting.

Wood Exterior Decor Ideas in Mauritius

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Having some wood decoration in Mauritius at home makes it more fascinating and cozier for yourself. It can be easily done and doesn’t require any maintenance. By doing so, you will save money and also uplift the look of your house.

Woodpile Wall Accent with Natural Wicker

You may use wicker furniture and iron lantern style lights for this one as the woodpile is usually placed near the front door or along a taller wall on the porch.

Outdoor wall art

You can choose wood to do your outdoor wall art as it will be absolutely breathtaking. It is unique and you can customize it to give a special meaning if you want to as this particular piece can enlightened your exterior decorations. It’s something they did using wood salvaged from previous interior renovations. It complements this outdoor dining space is a really cozy way.


You can put spray paint on it to give it another look of wall décor you can It’s quite simple actually, fisrt start with a blank canvas, colored spray paint in several different colors, some string, painter’s tape, a chevron stencil and lace washi tape. With these things you can make four different wall wood decorations Mauritius.

Wood bricks

It happens that many times you will need to do renovations, which can include painted brick but you can put more style by putting wood bricks. Removing paint from brick is a laborious process, but here is an alternative solution. You can do it yourself but you will need materials from your local gift shop, perhaps a floating wall or even a trellis, you can quickly cut the wood in brick forms then cover a prankster’s unsightly doodling into a work of art.

Wood interior decoration Ideas 2020 in Mauritius

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Home is a place where each person should feel cozy and comfortable, where relaxation will take place and unwind from the annoying bustle of the world. So interior design indeed has an important role to play on how to choose the style or color scheme for a particular room. It should be noted that each of them performs certain functions in the life of every person and it all depends on the construction of decoration.

It is highly recommended in 2020 to use natural materials for instance wood which gives a lot of style and elegance to the home. Attention needs to be paid to certain details, which subsequently determine the general direction. As for furniture, the trend of 2020 is furniture no less popular in the interior are various pieces of wood furniture that do not clutter up rooms and create a feeling of weightlessness.

To decorate the main room of a house or apartment a living room, in 2020, the wood style chosen has to be taken as the basis. The expression of which can occur both in the general decoration of the room and in various details. Natural materials, soft shapes and metallic decorative elements as a stylish accent remain equally priority components.

You should avoid to get carried away with a lot of accessories. For a modern bedroom you should opt for bright colors for them to be bright and cozy seating area, better with large windows and good lighting. Do have divided cozy corners that perform various tasks, for example, a seating area and a dressing table, remains generally open. Natural fabric and high quality wood should be used in the decoration in Mauritius.