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MLO Smart Construction Mauritius:2023 Exterior Decoration Trends For Summer

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Who think about summer think about the good weather and enjoying the outdoors. If you have garden, terrace or balcony, it is time to upgrade them. Let us see what are the 2023 exterior decoration trends that will triumph this summer.

We spent many hours in our home, so it is important to have a homely and cosy home. We have also realised the importance of our outdoor spaces in the house especially for the summer time.


One of the exterior decoration trends 2023 is to have an outdoor living room, in summer we want to spend as many hours as possible outside. So, we recommend investing in good outdoor furniture, comfortable chairs, and a large table to dine with the whole family.

A wooden or rattan lounge on the terrace is modern, luxurious and on the other hand, it is extremely comfortable. You can combine it with a choice of accessories in different colours to create a space where you can relax.

A cosy style outdoor decoration for this summer is the boho style. Perfect for relaxing and enjoying with friends. With a bohemian and casual style, our outdoor lounge will create an Ibizan summer atmosphere.


The untreated wood, the bamboo, the rattan and the stone have never been so popular. Similarly, to the design and choice of materials, this trend also concentrates on the use of colour. Natural tones such as terracotta and beige, also make room outside.


The Acapulco chair style is still very common, it is the perfect addition to the outside. The Mexico chair looks fantastic. This stylish all-rounder has an everlasting design and will look attractive.


Choose coloured cushions that improve your mood. You can choose colours like turquoise, fuchsia pink, lemon yellow or coral. Not to forget a smooth, lovely outdoor mat for the comfort of your feet.


In 2023 we want to have a real connection with nature. That is why terrace, gardens are flourishing this year. Therefore, it is not unexpected that this summer one of the outdoor decoration trends 2023 is outdoor plants. A terrace with plants and flowers provides peace of mind and privacy.


If you do have a small garden at home, you can create a lovely space with table and chairs for all family to enjoy breakfast lunch or even dinner in open air during summer. It is more appropriate to use simple garden furniture in toned-down colours like white, Gray or black. You can add lanterns and light and some trendy accessories to the set up. You can even build a bird cage and have some plants around.

If you are looking for the perfect job contractor to do your interior or exterior decoration contact MLO Smart Construction in Mauritius. MLO Smart offer other services such as timber works, builder’s work, roof structure, furniture among others.

MLO Smart Construction Mauritius: 5 Tips For Your Home Renovation

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People renovate their home to settle issues such as cracks in the wall, leaky roofs or electric problems….so that they can feel more comfortable. It is a good idea to renovate your home after a long period of time, Renovation is also a great way to increase the value of your house


A home renovation can be costly and time-consuming work, which is why it is important to plan carefully before you begin.

You have to decide which style you would like, check online ideas and costs and sit down with your family and make a list.  Once you have a good idea of what everyone wants, start planning the layout and design of your new space.  You will have to apply for a permit if needed.


The cost will depend on how extensive you are renovating your home and which style you are choosing. Get quotes and, talk to professionals in order to make sure you are getting the best price for your budget. Include the cost of permit, building construction materials into your budget.

You can also consider a renovation loan from the bank with a low interest.

Calculate what your budget is and what you can afford to spend in reality.


When choosing a contractor, for your home renovation, apart from reliability, do consider other factors as well:

  • A contractor with many years of experience
  • Ensure that your contractor has his contracting license to operate
  • Request and call for references to know about his work

It is important to discuss payment terms before renovation begins.


Do not try to do too much at once as this will only increase the cost of your renovation and make you feel stressed-out. You can add on later if you need more space. You can finish your basement, convert an attic into a bedroom, or build an addition for example.


You will require a clear schedule of works.

You will have to make sure to get a home renovation contract from the contractor. It will be a binding contract between you, the home owner, and the contractor. This will help you ensure everything remains on schedule and within budget.

All the processes that can be done for a home renovation:

Painting, whitewashing for the purpose of renovation, the repair of ageing installations or worn-out doors and windows, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, parquet floor, water insulation system.


  • Brickwork
  • Render and paint exterior
  • Clean, repair and replace roof tiles where needed


  • Remove all carpets and replace with supplied wood flooring throughout
  • Remove wall between kitchen / dining room
  • Fit new kitchen and appliances
  • Fit new bathroom flooring, tiles and suite.
  • Remove existing front door and fit the new composite dor.

With MLO Smart Construction Mauritius you will be able to create the home of your dreams.

MLO Smart Construction Mauritius: Understanding the various types of timber flooring

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When building or renovating your home, you will have to think about which timber to choose for your flooring. This will depend on factors like budget, preference, mobility comfort, children. Many of the advantages of timber flooring are that there is often a product to suit your situation.  As there are a various types, styles, colours and finishes.. 

Let us have a look at some of the various types of timber flooring:


They are generally found in older homes. Solid timber boards are found in a wide variety of colours and are usually about 99mm thick. They can be installed on bearers, joists or over concrete. Among the  wide range of timber to choose from, you have the possibility to select either soft or hard woods coming from solid floor boards.– For full versatility in colour, grain , hardness and durability

This is the most durable type and can easily  be re-sanded to remove scratches and dents. 

You do not need to replace the flooring to  upgrade its look you can just select a new colour of finishing.


Overlay flooring is similar to solid  timber floors and is normally only about 12mm thick.  Meaning it has to  be installed over a solid base such as concrete as it is too thin to be used directly over bearers and joists.  Timber overlay  flooring  is mostly cheaper and can be easier to lay, but still offers the same wide collection of colours and grains.


Floating timber floorboards is a timber over plywood  or plantation pine, It is important to note that these floorboards are only around 3-4 mm thick.

They can be laid over most structurally solid floors which make them a great option for cost-effective  renovations  to nearly any type of existing floor. Prefinished are quite easy to install, floating floors are a common choice for DIY


Often made up of plywood with a layer of genuine wood veneer on top. The thickness of the veneer layers varies from around 1 to 6 millimiters. The engineered  wood panel may float on a foam underlay or fixate on a flooring using glue.  The majority of engineered wood is pre-finished.


Laminated floorings  consist of a multi-layer composite of organic and synthetic materials that make it durable and affordable.

PARQUETRY parquetry floorings are created from small, solid wood pieces which are used as flooring. This enables the creation of a myriad of designs. Both real hardwood and engineered wood may be used to create decorative parquet flooring. It incorporates tiny wood strips used to make geometric flooring designs like a basket weave, herringbone and others that delicately highlight the decor’s beauty.

Parquet flooring is a great choice, it gives the home a well-balanced brightness and an appealing and cozy appearance.

For all your timber flooring work, contact MLO Smart Construction  Mauritius. Our expert team will be able to advise the best solution for your specific needs.

MLO Smart Construction Company Mauritius: Tips for building a swimming pool

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Who among us does not dream of  getting a swimming pool installed in our backyard?

As we all know swimming is a valuable exercise among all others. Swimming is a full-body workout. 

A pool is ideal to spend quality time together with your family. Without any cell phones in the pool to disturb the quality time, everybody can make time for each other by playing a host of pool games.

At the same time, thinking of constructing a swimming pool can come with numerous stresses, and it can seem to be a complex  process for you. This because you have no idea of what to expect and you do  not know about the construction process.

Below are some tips to help you:


You should think of what you really want for your swimming pool :

Size, swimming pool  style, swimming pool (traditional versus natural swimming pool) and the swimming pool features you need( water slides, tanning features etc…).

Your main objective should be to build a swimming pool that suits your lifestyle, your budget, and your expectations. 

Swimming Pool Ideas Mauritius


Instruct yourself on all that matters swimming pool. This will help you to know better about swimming pool and you will get more ideas on how you will want yours.


Getting a building permit for your pool is an important step. You have to get a permit to make sure that your pool is safe, and if you do not comply, you could be looking at some major fines. After you get your permit, you can finally start building the pool of your dream.


Look for professionals. Look at their experiences and capabilities. Ask as many questions as possible while interviewing contractors and insist on having an answer to your questions. This will help you to understand what every contractor has to offer


To avoid an accidental drowning and other injuries to occur, do not neglect safety. Make sure your contractor gives priority to pool safety and includes the issue of safety right from the design stage .


While building your swimming pool, you should include all features that you fancy as this will cost you much cheaper than to add the features later on.


You should build a green swimming pool for the best return on investment.

Technological advancements today make swimming pool appliances including PPS, heaters,and lights far more energy efficient to run.  Energy efficient appliances reduce the running cost you incur from having a swimming pool which bodes well for the ROI


While a swimming pool should be aesthetically pleasing,  you should also give privilege to the technical capability. This will ensure your swimming pool has the right filter type, the right pipe size, the right flow rate, an efficient hydraulic design, and an efficient and effective chemical management system before focusing on aesthetics.

Contact MLO Smart Construction Company Mauritius for the construction of your dream swimming pool.  With MLO Smart Company  will ensure you get a safe swimming pool.

MLO Smart Construction Mauritius ; Choosing Timber For Your Pool Deck

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Many homeownerships have a swimming pool in their backyards. Pool provides the perfect place to relax during the spring and summer, where families can enjoy the sun and cool, refreshing water.

Your pool deck is your direct area around your pool also known as pool patio. This is the location where you arrange lounge chairs, tables and other pool furniture and also it is an ideal place for families to have fun. The deck brings about the look and style of your entire swimming area.

Wooden pool decks can come in all styles, shapes and sizes, designed especially to suit your tastes and your home and garden.


Technically, pool owners should choose hard wood for their timber wood decking due to the fact that it is it is a much more durable option. One of the most popular hardwood is the Ipe wood.  Ipe is an attractive wood with a Class A rating that ranks highly and making it very resistant to surface checking. Apart from its durability, it is also rot and insect resistant.  Above all, Ipe wood is also water-resistant, making it ideal for pool decking. Ipe, Batu and Cumaru are the three options to be considered among many other options,  as they are all sustainably sourced  and low maintenance making them very easy to care for once installed.


Another advantage of wooden pool decking is the increase in your property value. Due to the high quality wood decking, you can count on a marginally higher resale value if ever you decide to sell your house.


One important step to think over when installing a wooden pool deck is to ensure proper board spacing.  Although some woods are kiln-dried to offer maximum stability, there is still some expanding and contracting as the weather and moisture levels change.


As we have seen, hardwood decking Ipe, Batu and Cumaru are highly durable and low- maintenance, they do require a stain to maintain their natural colour.

Wood stains also protect the wood from UV rays from the sun, which can age and damage the wood over time.  Batu wood does not have the same natural-resistance as Ipe and Cumaru, so it requires a deck stain to be used as pool decking.

A timber deck around a pool can be a statement to make a backyard  really memorable.

It is beautiful and is an excellent investment, however, you need a professional to install your pool deck correctly, otherwise, you will end up spending more money in the long run.

Look for a professional like MLO Smart Construction in  Mauritius. MLO can construct, remodel or repair your decking well and will make the area stylish, inviting and non-slip. Our expert team is ready to help.

With MLO Smart Construction, your pool decking can be beautiful, safe and affordable.

MLO Smart Construction Mauritius; Why Installed A Thatched Roof?

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Thatched roofs are very attractive and offer a unique aesthetic to the home. Thatched roofs are not as popular as they once were, however, it still exists and is still used on many buildings today, from commercial through to residentials.

Thatched roofs  are also widely used for bungalows, hotels,  kiosks, or gazebo.

Imagine having a thatched kiosk or a gazebo for your outdoor space: with table, bench seats with multicoloured cushions, well decorated.

This looks aesthetically pleasing and creating a focal point in the garden or near your swimming pool. It also creates a shaded place in your garden that can be used for entertaining, leisure activities, relaxation, and taking the lush beauty of your immediate outdoors.

Materials Used For Thatching

Dry fibers such as straws, reeds, palm trees and other natural fibres  are used to create a thatching roof covering. These are grouped and interwoven with a certain pressure to form a surface, which through successive overlaps becomes impermeable and almost impenetrable to rodents and pests.

Water reed is a good quality straw thatch that can last for more than 50 years when applied by an experienced thatcher.



A thatched roof is a very unique feature of a home. Thatched roof throws in  an undeniable beauty to any landscape design, transforming it  into a sustainable haven of shade and shelter.


Thatched roofs are very durable and can last for many years. Although your roof ridge will require to be replaced periodically, the materials  are very long-lasting.


Thatch  is naturally very insulating which helps to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


The materials needed for thatching are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Harvesting the thatch is also an economically friendly tool.

Light Weight

Thatching materials are light and will not require the heavy supports that other roof types need.


Having a thatched roof can raise the selling price of a house and turns out to be a good investment.

How To Maintain Thatched Roof

  • It is a good idea to clean your thatched roof once a year: removing leaves, fir needles, moss and algae. You can do it by hand or you can use  different types of rakes
  • The drier a roof is the longer it will last. So check any trees or bushes growing near the house.
  • Precaution has to be taken when walking on the thatch or using ladders in order to avoid unnecessary damage  to your thatched roof.

Things To Consider When Hiring Contractors

  • Is the contractor experienced in installing the type of thatched roof you want
  • Will the contractor follow all the relevant building regulation guidelines?
  • How much is the work to complete?

If you are planning to have a thatched roof for your home in Mauritius, bungalow, kiosk or gazebo feel free to contact  MLO Smart Construction Company Ltd Mauritius, a thatched roof specialist. With over 25 years experience MLO Smart Construction provides excellence professional services.

MLO Smart Construction; How To Choose The Best Timber Flooring For Your Home

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We all want a stylish and durable flooring for our home, and while there are many materials to choose from, timber flooring is something that excels. Also known as wood or hardwood flooring, it is a product originated from nature itself.

In addition to  its classy aspect and variety of cuts, colours, styles, and species, it has some anti-allergic features as well.

You might want to consider some tips on how to choose the best timber ;


Homes should always look nice and be functional at the same time.

Before installing your flooring, you should think about your decor and furnishings of your rooms and other details as well. For example, for a casual or contemporary room, you can opt for  timber floors with light colours, and choose dark colour for rooms with traditional  settings. Wooden flooring made from red oak and maple eye can match well with any overall item and interior design.


The durability aspect for any flooring material depends upon the brand and warranty of flooring, and type of traffic of your home.  When choosing a flooring material, search the wooden flooring made from tallow wood, non-marking wood or bamboo.  These materials will turn out  to be wonderful and suitable for your living area.  When used in high traffic areas of your home, these materials are scratch-resistant.



Solid timber is the original form of timber flooring and is installed to build more of a classic look. These old fashioned timber planks are generally quite durable as they are  thicker,  which means that they can be sanded and polished on multiple occasions.


Compared to solid timber, which  consists of one thick piece of timber, engineered timber flooring is made up of  two or more different layers of wood. These different layers are compressed together with the top layer usually coming pre-finished.

  • Hardwood timber flooring is a specifically durable and versatile option.
  • Timber flooring is also easy to clean when compared with other flooring options. You just have to sweep and mop from time to time to clean it. You can easily wipe any spilling drinks with a sponge or a tissue.
  • Timber flooring can even look better with age while carpet for example will deteriorate over time.
  • Timber is also more environmentally-friendly option as many specialists spend time on cautiously procuring sustainable timber.
  • Timber flooring is a healthier option. It has unbelievable anti-allergic properties because it is so easy to clean.

We have to know how to maintain our timber flooring properly in order to make it last for an exceptionally long time. Maintenance of  wooden flooring in Mauritius requires sweeping or vacuuming at least once a week. You can also use appropriate cleaning products,  especially used to clean timber floors. 

After choosing your timber flooring, you will need a contractor who is licensed, experienced and skilled in the industry. We recommend you MLO Smart Construction Ltd Mauritius.

Benefits of installing a Pergola in our outdoor space

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Installing a pergola is one of the ways to upgrade your outdoor space.  An outdoor pergola can allow a brightened source of shade, serve as a breathable cover, and considerably increase the appeal of your home. Pergolas have become a popular trend in home improvement.  You can assemble a pergola in any landscape from spacious yards to small gardens.

Match your pergola with a fire pit to create an outdoor social gathering spot : just picture yourself on a clear fall evening gathering around a fire pit with friends and families and enjoying the warmth as it penetrates through the fresh air. You can also build a safe out door room  with a steel non combustible material.

Below are some of the benefits of installing a pergolas to your garden, backyard or pool area :


Adding a durable high-grade pergola to your outdoor space can greatly increase both the appeal and the value of your home. Home buyers seeking a space where they can imagine themselves relaxing and enjoying the beauty of a nature in a stylish finished setting.


You can have the choice from modern, contemporary or classic or else, you have the option for  a free-standing modular  which will include precisely the touch you are looking for  with the purpose of  creating the outdoor space of your dreams.


You can create an outdoor extension to your home with a pergola. This will improve the flow and functionality of your living space.


Some pergolas are also available with roofs leveraging insulated sandwich panels with the aim of providing full sun and rain protection, while others offer an elegant cabana-like design for maximum privacy.

After the benefits of having a pergola in our outdoor space, let us look at the materials used for pergolas :


People are most accustomed with the traditional wood pergola.  Wood pergola requires regular maintenance to  preserve their beauty.


There is also the option of choosing an aluminium pergola with fixed louvers, despite the fact that  it can be seen as an upgrade from a wood structure.


This type of pergola offers an elegant, stylish and is also durable.  It necessitates little to no maintenance and provides insulation to improve  your outdoor living.


A free-standing modular pergola, a cubic module with sliding louvered panels that you can use separately or combine to create a flexible outdoor space.  Fully adapted from roof to floor.

Most pergolas may be designed according to the buyer’s needs customizing structure, size and colours.

MLO Smart Construction Mauritius, provides a full range of  high-quality pergolas and outdoor covers that fit in any outdoor space. MLO Smart Construction developed every year new creativity in  designs and unique options to add more enjoyment, comfort  and security to your backyard.

Smart Construction Mauritius: Exterior Home Trends of 2022

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Welcome the exterior home trends 2022!

The way the exterior of your home looks is no doubt more important than the way it appears inside. Your home exterior style and appearance have a lot to do with its value.


Siding is an easy way to bring direct impact to a home’s exterior look. Stone siding is one of the favourite materials to use.  It comes in all shapes and colours. In 2022, they will be leaning more firmly on light-coloured stone accents.  It can be a balance to the dark exterior colour of the house. Light stone siding looks stylish and modern.


Create an inviting entryway and a warm welcome to you and your guests with a peaceful walkway as a path guide to your front door. Pavers can be from gravel to brick, bluestone to concrete. You will love walkways for their informal organic and aesthetic.

Multi Purpose Retaining Walls

Improve your outdoor spaces with retaining walls. They are designed to hold back the ground or frame of a garden or walkway. Segmental retaining wall units are beautiful and versatile for plants, seats, retaining wall and steps. Planters retaining walls look lovely to grow your own vegetables and fruits.

Free Standing Lanterns In Front Yard

Freestanding lanterns are making a comeback and are the center of attraction. They provide every space with glowing surroundings.

Increased Interest In Commercial Property Exterior Designs

While this is not exactly one of the peak home exterior trends 2022 will reveal, commercial exterior design is something people are requesting.  Eventually, homes are not the only properties that can use a curb appeal boost!   People are converting their homes or part of their homes into offices, spas, office building, language centers and more.

Serious Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the highest exterior design trends in 2022, is to elevate outdoor space by creating extensive outdoor living spaces that can accommodate a variety of activities.

Seating is still important, including rocking chairs, swings, and outdoor sofas, but other outdoor furniture setups will see a rise too.  Such as outdoor kitchens, sinks, grills, and dining spaces.

Covered spaces like pergola and sheltered lounges, will also be well-liked this year.  Basically, more robust outdoor spaces that can accommodate lengthy time outdoors will be vital to exterior house trends 2022.

Matrials Made To Last

Finally, giving priority to durable building materials over affordable, short-term products that will require repair or replacement relatively quickly. The construction market continues to demonstrate that homeowners are looking for quality features in exterior home designs and are choosing materials that are built to last and perform with no chance of failure. Products that are both durable and low-maintenance are key winners for homeowners upgrading their exteriors in 2022. We recommend MLO smart construction in Mauritius for your house renovation or construction project.

Start your project with beautiful, low maintenance sliding from MLO Smart Construction Mauritius.The team will provide you with on-trend design recommendations that are the best solutions for your home or commercial property exterior.

Wood Construction Mauritius : Interior Decoration Ideas For Bedroom

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Your bedroom should be a place where you can relax and relieve yourself from all stress. It is not restricted to your bed only, it refers to the whole interior of the room that should be a source of serenity as soon as you wake up. For this you will have to ensure that your bedroom is well designed with wooden construction.

It is very important to choose a good quality of wood. Look for renowned wood companies in Mauritius.  Choose a wood colour which pleases you and you will enjoy seeing in the bedroom.

Below are some ideas of wood construction for bedroom in Mauritius.


Light yellowish wood flooring planks are a good choice for bedroom with quite cooler tones. With light blue gray walls, white bead board ceiling and white lighten sheets on your wooden bed enhances the brightness of the environment. As the cornerstone of the room, you can have a black stone tile fire place underlined with its white painted wood.


A bedroom design with wooden ceiling is a mix of warm and cool tones. Design a charming finish on your bedroom with wooden ceiling, floors and walls. With the right help and installation methods by a professional, wood floor ceiling may last for a long period of time.

Improve contrasts to your design

A basic bedroom can offer a hardwood flooring matching the bedframe, cabinets and side tables.

For a more attractive look, do not be scared to mix tones within the same space.

Selecting finishes that are totally distinct from one another will make the finished result look more attractive.


When the natural grain of your selected wood finishes comes through, you will have to make sure that the grain patterns when mixing are similar in terms of size. A large grain pattern will usually make the room more comfortable where tighter grain pattern will give it a more traditional finish.


 A room divider becomes an unobtrusive part of the cabinet when closed. The vertical wood grain of the cabinet acts ideally against the horizontal grain of the floor. And using pale wood adds charm to the bedroom

The wooden partition rolls in and out to divide the living space.


Another wonderfully design space saver is when a wooden office desk is attached to a headboard, that is, you have your office desk attached to your bed.


Imagine a modern bedroom with good quality wood furniture: wooden ceiling and flooring, wooden wall behind your bed. A bedroom with its own living space with wooden canapé and table under a classic rug and a stunning fireplace.

For all your wooden interior decoration bedroom contact MLO Smart Construction in Mauritius.  MLO Construction will advise you of the high-quality wood to use and they will also provide you with professional services concerning wood construction in Mauritius.