Experience :

Over 25 years

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We are involved in Builder’s Works, Timber Works, Doors, Roof Structures, Timber Flooring, Shingles, False Ceiling,Timber Decking and Interior decoration.



Our Corporate Objectives



We engage ourselves in providing professional services of the highest standard, and one which meets all the client’s requirements with the regard to cost, duration and management.



We strive to undertake projects in  cooperation with communities in order to meet their needs and aspirations. We provide employment opportunities and are pride to work with persons of all ages, genders and ethnicities.

Passionate about  our craft, we are preparing to participate in different employment schemes and programs of the government to transmit and transfer knowledge, skills and expertise  to the unemployed, specially the unemployed youth, to contribute towards the overall benefit of the country.


We invest every effort to design and manage the  implementation of the projects in such a manner as to minimize any pollution, harm to the environment, or ecological disturbance; furthermore, it is a must for the company to strictly adhere to the regulations of relevant authorities.

Our office prides itself in waste sorting and disposal at specific collection points.



We value maintaining a well qualified and efficient staff complement through the provision of good remuneration packages, pleasant working conditions, recognition, excellent resources, efficient leadership and a friendly working environment.