Experience :

Over 25 years



Mr Jean Michaël Thisbé – Managing Director supported by a general site foreman and an administrative office.


Contract Management and  administration:


Contract management is a specialized field requiring dedicated resources with the expertise to deliver projects on time , with high quality and within budget, keeping all stakeholders informed and involved to ensure efficient and value-added project implementation.

The ‘Contract Management & Administration’ service implements projects from the tender phase to the Final Approval phase and closely interacts with all role players to deliver projects on time within budget and quality.


General Site Foreman: Mr Lloyd Thisbé


Mr Lloyd Thisbé – General Site Foreman of MLO Construction & Co Ltd, he has been performing the role of general supervision of contracts with numerous advisors.
He has around 18 years experience in execution of timber projects and has worked in several large complexes, hotels, project villas and residences.


Specialist fields:

  • General Supervision
  • Program of Works
  • Site Co-ordination

He plans schedules and controls the completion of all project activities related to the contracts for site program, within the set requirements for performance, cost, time and scope.

He is responsible for managing and ensuring the program is consistently implemented across all projects.


1. Safety Policy and Fire Protection

Safety is of paramount concern. All employees on the site will go through a formal induction regarding safe working procedures and statutory requirements regarding use of proper protection equipments,  registers, safety clothing as well as good  housekeeping etc. Proper notice boards with safety signs will be placed on site at conspicuous places to provide information and warning about the existence of potential hazards and risk to everyone on site.
Procedures for health and safety on site will be in accordance to the Occupational Safety, Health, and Welfare Act and revisions to be made, whichever prevalent at the time of execution of the project.

2. Quality Control

The emphasis is to do things correctly the first time and in the correct manner. A detailed programme will be produced to ensure that all parties are aware of the roles they play. Only quality materials and sub contractors with a commitment to quality will be used and much emphasis will be placed on building in the correct sequence. Test procedures will be in place to test materials and workmanship, with check lists to ensure proper building practices occur. Samples will be provided wherever required with a schedule of approved samples being placed on record. It is also the responsibility of our site engineer as well as the general foreman and his team to monitor quality on a day-to day basis.

3. Programme

On award of the contract the company will submit a  programme to suit the customer’s needs and apply any changes if so required, to conform to the time requirements.
Key milestone dates and activities will be identified and highlighted to the consultant so that information can be produced timeously. The programme will be monitored and updated regularly with progress reports forming the basis of site meetings and internal management meetings.